Fifty Shades of Grey xxx is Porn for women

“Fifty Shades of Grey is Porn for women and couples” but not E L James’s adaptation. All E L James version leaves you with is a ripped off feeling…. oh yes i want my god dam money back please for my ticket i had to per-purchased to see your dribble of a movie.

The Fifty Shades of Grey XXX and Ryan Driller will leave you ladies feeling all tingly inside and you wont need that second glass of wine. No sinking ships in this movie plenty of masks flying high though. 😛 😉

The Fifty Shades of Grey XXX version. No abuse what so ever in the xxx movie i have seen it. Very entertaining and very XXX. For those ladies who want a little Christian Grey in them they would get more turned on with this version and Ryan Driller who plays Christian Grey in the XXX movie than E L James’s boring dribble.

Ryan has a killer body and gives you the full display of his skills in the bedroom and the playroom in this version. Sorry no nudity in these videos you will have to go and download it from the internet to see any full nudity and sex.  🙂

In 2012 Shades Limited who own the rights to Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy sued Smash pictures who made the XXX version. I have posted the article below. I thought E L James had quite the nerve since 75% of her books are stolen from other peoples work, namely the biggest one, the movie Secretary with James Spader. His name Edward Grey into sadomasochism and BDSM a very rich lawyer and his secretary a mousy women just like Anastasia, get the movie and watch it and you will be sitting with your mouth open to how much Fifty Shades is ripped from the movie Secretary…..and James has the nerve to sue a Porn Production company…please that is laughable. (click on the article to bring to full view, it will make you laugh when you see what they are claiming in the law suite.

fifty shades law suit