Fifty Shades of Grey labeled as soft porn for women

Fifty Shades of Grey is abuse, no in-between. (abuse is abuse there is no and or but or in-between) The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women.

One has to ask why are so many women finding the abuse subjected by the Character Christen Grey such a turn on. His behavior in our society is what is called being a Psychopath. Stalking, control, manipulation, sexual abuse, psychological abuse…. Where the hell is the sexy and romantic connotation in the character saying “i don’t do romance, i fuck and i fuck hard.”

Are there so many desperate women out there wanting something else in their lives they have lowered themselves to finding abuse of a young innocent woman sexy romantic?? Trust me as a victim of this sort abusive relationship in the past, it is not romantic, sexy or fun….

The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women because of Dakota Johnson the only one showing lots of skin. Sorry but i have seen girl porn and FSOG is not girl porn or any sort of porn for that matter. It didn’t leave me tingling, turned on in any form, just disgusted and mad. I can go and have a glass of wine and get more tingles from that then watching Fifty Shades of abuse. The movie has already been posted on porn sites. E L James must be so proud of herself now making porn.

I am studying Psychology and other Psychologists and i have discussed the books in great length, the abuse, stalking and control, giving young women and yes older naive women a false sense of what a real relationship is about. There are millions of women who have been where i have been in this type of relationship, the scars they are there for life. Christian Grey may be a fictitious character in E L James book but his persona, his whole nature is real, and so is his name, there are men in this world called Christian grey.

E L James is quoted as saying the book is based on her life experiences. (youtube video 2015 interview). So she is saying she was in an abusive BDSM sadomasochism relationship with a man who used to tie her up, beat the shit out her and fuck her seven shades of Sunday????….. “Please” She makes a mockery out of real victims that have been in this type of abusive relationship, trapped, alone, isolated not being able to escape. Some women actually die before they can escape. One in eight women will be sexually abuse by the time they are 25 years old. That is pretty staggering statistics.

This movie is very toxic and harmful to so many young and vulnerable young women, i read the comments women and young girls as young as 16 years of age are writing about the books. I was on twitter tonight, Fifty Shades of Grey, i was reading their rants, trying to justify this movie and the abuse in it. All FSOG are interested in is the money it is making for the studios and E L James.

Please film studios go an make some decent movies for women that don’t involve abuse. You can still make romance, erotic scenes without adding abuse that is portrayed in the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie. We already see it on the screen in our own homes in the tv series Outlander so beautifully done, then we have Will Smith and Margo Robbie lighting up the silver screen at the moment hailed as the hottest couple to hit the screens in over 20 years with romance and love.

Fifty Shades of Grey should have never been made into a movie, the film studios are promoting abuse along with E L James. All they could see was the dollar signs, now it would seem they are having second thoughts about any more movies because of the outcry over the abuse in the movie.

Movie studios actually tamed the movie down, they had to fight E L James to do so. She wanted the full raunchy and abuse that is in the books.

I am a mother, two daughters and a survivor of abuse for 18 years and study Psychology and i have studied law. I am a writer and i also write erotic fiction.

I think i am more than qualified to comment on the abuse in the book and the negative impact on the young women who have read this garbage and are taking it for gospel that this is a normal relationship, how romantic “bla, bla”….”I want to be fucked like that”….”i want Christian Grey’s baby” these are the comments i am seeing from 16-17 year old girls who think this is an acceptable relationship. One girl said she was going to kill herself if they didn’t make another movie.

This is my latest article shared with tens of millions of people and Forbes Magazine. My other articles have been published by Forbes, Rolling Stone, Guardian.

❤️ ❤️❤️ Jamie Duran is quoted as saying, “he never read the books”. He signed on to do a movie about sadomasochism, false love, false romance and a young woman getting abused and the shit beaten out of her, and fucked seven shades of Sunday and he didn’t read the book or understand the full impact of the character he was playing????… “Come on”❤️

❤️He is quoted as saying…… his wife reads all of his scripts, she green lights what he should do.

❤️So his wife Amelia read the script but not the book???….. knew what the movie entailed???…. green lighted him to do the movie???…. was fully aware it involved nudity, sex scenes, sadomasochism, having to beat the shit of a women with a whip in a sex room????…. yet after he made the movie she was not OK with it???…. doesn’t want to see it???…. still hasn’t seen it???….. yet she green lighted the movie in the first place…. ❤️”Please” nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Now that it has received a hammering of bad press, bad reviews she is saying she is not OK with it “bla bla bla”. Maybe the pair of them should have really thought about this movie before signing.

❤️”Class” = not auditioning for this in the first place.

❤️”Sense” = not signing the contract when offered the part last minute when the first guy ran after seeing sense.

❤️”Love” = not dragging your then pregnant wife half way around the world to look after a new baby as you protect your modesty with a grape baggie in a Red Room.

❤️”Respect”= As for the actor not wanting to upset his wife by doing these graphic sex scenes in sadomasochism – well if he thought anything of her, he wouldn’t have done the movie in the first place.

❤️”Good” is not dragging her to Red Carpets 12 months on as you prepare to use her as an excuse when the bad reviews hit home.

❤️”Better roles” = not likely but, if, will have to await fulfilling his contractual obligations OR a long recovery time from breaking contract as unprofessional.

❤️”Bravo” = very slow hand clap, that is if the audience haven’t left the cinema already, as so many did.

❤️”so it should”=worst reviews in history and receiving unprecedented negative publicity because of it highlighting abuse and the negative impact on so many young innocent and naive young women.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, and they were the good reviews trust me, thy kept getting worse and worse as the days went by. Also confirmed the mindless women who who drank up this dribble like it was their drop of water on a secluded island are the same women who see Beyonce and Madonna turning the simplest pop song with no words into a leather-clad psychosexual performance, deprived of sexual pleasures in their life they had nothing left to cling onto as the ship began to sink. (hang on, no wait that’s Gilligan’s Island, or was it The Poseidon adventure, sorry wrong mindless dribble Movie, although at least there was a little more drama than Fifty Shades of boring.) Sorry where was i ???………. Yes mindless dribble. “So again it was those women who bought all the movie tickets to prop up this crap. The ones who want a lot of Christian grey in them.” 🙂

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Fifty Shades of Christian Grey is grooming women and young girls to be abused

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 Fifty Shades: Chapter 4. In which Itsrane is convinced that James does not live in reality

Better than the books Fifty Shades of  Crap Abuse Bullshit  Grey it will have you in stitches of laughter which is far better than the clasps of hell-spawn Christian Grey.

Women, young innocent girls are being groomed to be abused by the books Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Something i have seen for myself… how many not only stupid, but also gullible women there are in the world who have bought the bullshit of Fifty Shades of Grey as being so Romantic, so beautiful, Christian only treats Anna this way and hits her because he loves her so much. “Ladies are you seriously listening to yourselves??”

“NO, Obviously Not” 

“So you see Christians behavior, controlling, abusive, manipulative, compulsive liar, bad tempered, isolating Anna, demeaning her, threatening her, putting her life in danger—book1….book2….book3….sexually–abusive, threatening…….as completely normal behavior, because that is what every man does to a woman he loves. “Please, for Fuck sake”

“Are you sure Anna you don’t want to include Annal fisting in the soft limits of our “Sex Slave Contract”, i promise you will like it” (how the fuck would you know Christian, bend over and i will put my fist where the sun don’t shine on you)

“Vaginal fisting Anna, are you sure you wont try it?”  because every woman loves to be vaginal fisted when we have sex, especially if you are a virgin with no sexual experience at all.  

“If you cum Anna i will punish you”….”OH Anna you cum now i am going to punish you for that.” not fucking BDSM, that does not happen in BDSM. In the sick world of E L James it does.

E L James was obviously visiting the sleazy sex dungeons where they have a women hog tied down and an audience of sleaze balls, watching as this women is sexually tortured and told not to cum over and over, because if she does cum before she is allowed to she is punished, while the audience participates in her sexual torture also, then sit in the audience and masturbate. ( I wonder how much they pay to go and be part of this degrading shit)

The research into sex in her book Fifty Shades of Grey was that ill researched it is laughable. And she has all the dum women fooled that this is how it is because she researched it….and don’t forget the real story here…… it was based on her own life experiences. “Please”

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