VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward

Pedophiles Down Under

Gordon's murdered friend

GORDON MYERS (dob 19/3/1965) born Sutherland Hospital.

  • Indigenous Victim of Stolen Generation
  • Sparked the Wood Royal Commission
  • Testified to the current Child Abuse Royal Commission
  • Franca Arena’s key witness
  • Bill Heffernan referred to his police statements on 20 Oct 2015

Prostituted / witnessed child prostitution at:

  • ‘THE WALL’ Darlinghurst
  • COSTELLOS Boy brothel club in Kings Cross run by Trimboli
  • The BOULEVARD HOTEL Kings Cross / Darlinghurst

The boys were prostituted and sex trafficked to these locations by staff at CHARLTON ANGLICAN BOYS’ HOME, Ashfield (aka ‘Milleewa’ & ‘Robinson House’).  They were taken there by Father BRIAN PECKOVER who has retired to Carindale, Brisbane.

VIP paedophiles Gordon Myers was prostituted to / witnessed at these venues:

  • BOB CARR – politician
  • STUART WAGSTAFF – entertainer
  • KIM BEAZLEY Snr – Politician
  • MARCUS EINFELD – Federal judge
  • GOUGH WHITLAM – Prime Minister
  • JOE HASHAM – entertainer
  • GRAEME BLUNDELL (‘Alvin Purple’) – entertainer

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