Why Victoria Needs a Specialised Court to tackle Family Domestic Violence

People you need to read this story from Victoria just days ago. This is a typical story from victims once again by our broken justice system….. the Family Court abusing its power.
In face, the Family Court has no real power, it is a court create by the Government not the people. There has never been a referendum in Australia to approve the Family Court by the people.
Our Government has given the Family Court that much power they can even over rule a Magistrate court.
The only court that can over rule a Family Court is the Supreme Court of Australia.

Sadly if you go to the Family Court in Australia, the abuse begins all over again. This time you have a new abuser the court system the failed court system of the family court.

violence hurts

I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to 12 years of Physical & emotional trauma.

I attended Family Court in Melbourne yesterday only to sit in the courtroom and wait for my case to be heard at about 3.00pm.

While waiting I hear other cases. One woman, with no legal representation, up against the Department of Human Services lawyer, and Barrister, an Independent Childrens Lawyer and Barrister. She had no one with her and no support.

Her children had been taken into care because her ex boyfriend was taking ice. The mother has moved, no longer associated with the ex, and is trying to get her children home.

She has never had a drug or alcohol problem, but in order to get one sleepover a week with her kids, she has to do random drug and alcohol screening, and a psychiatrist report. She has never been diagnosed…

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