Fifty Shades of Christian Grey is grooming women and young girls to be abused

The Sporkings of Das Mervin and Company – Fifty Shades Freed–Chapter Eleven (Part II) [SPORKERS: GEHAYI, KET MAKURA and MERVIN]

 Fifty Shades: Chapter 4. In which Itsrane is convinced that James does not live in reality

Better than the books Fifty Shades of  Crap Abuse Bullshit  Grey it will have you in stitches of laughter which is far better than the clasps of hell-spawn Christian Grey.

Women, young innocent girls are being groomed to be abused by the books Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Something i have seen for myself… how many not only stupid, but also gullible women there are in the world who have bought the bullshit of Fifty Shades of Grey as being so Romantic, so beautiful, Christian only treats Anna this way and hits her because he loves her so much. “Ladies are you seriously listening to yourselves??”

“NO, Obviously Not” 

“So you see Christians behavior, controlling, abusive, manipulative, compulsive liar, bad tempered, isolating Anna, demeaning her, threatening her, putting her life in danger—book1….book2….book3….sexually–abusive, threatening…….as completely normal behavior, because that is what every man does to a woman he loves. “Please, for Fuck sake”

“Are you sure Anna you don’t want to include Annal fisting in the soft limits of our “Sex Slave Contract”, i promise you will like it” (how the fuck would you know Christian, bend over and i will put my fist where the sun don’t shine on you)

“Vaginal fisting Anna, are you sure you wont try it?”  because every woman loves to be vaginal fisted when we have sex, especially if you are a virgin with no sexual experience at all.  

“If you cum Anna i will punish you”….”OH Anna you cum now i am going to punish you for that.” not fucking BDSM, that does not happen in BDSM. In the sick world of E L James it does.

E L James was obviously visiting the sleazy sex dungeons where they have a women hog tied down and an audience of sleaze balls, watching as this women is sexually tortured and told not to cum over and over, because if she does cum before she is allowed to she is punished, while the audience participates in her sexual torture also, then sit in the audience and masturbate. ( I wonder how much they pay to go and be part of this degrading shit)

The research into sex in her book Fifty Shades of Grey was that ill researched it is laughable. And she has all the dum women fooled that this is how it is because she researched it….and don’t forget the real story here…… it was based on her own life experiences. “Please”

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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Christian Grey is grooming women and young girls to be abused

  1. It’s pointless to deny that there’s something going on below:
    EL James has now offered 4 million duplicates of
    her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy via her
    UK publisher, Random House, to add to the 15 million (it beggars belief) that have been moved in the United States as well as Canada.
    James creates as though she’s late for a meeting with a sex
    scene. The factor sex scenes are so challenging to compose is the gear modification, rather
    compared to the sex itself. It is very tough to create a routine tale
    spliced w

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    • I agree, there is actually no paper trail to support the book sales, or to even support her book was in paper back form online. There is an article about this online. I copied the article because i was surprised when i read it. The article came out last year.
      Hell i am a Psychologist, and the crap James has written in her books is out right abuse sexual violence.
      To write the crap she did, she got all of that from the sleazy sex dungeons. The medical information so wrong it was dangerous to all who read and believed this rubbish.
      Unfortunately millions did, including children. A 13 year old girl died because of what E L James wrote. E L James doesn’t give a rats ass, to knowledge this girls death, would then be opening her up to law suits.
      check out the new article on our abuse website and also a new book we have co-written exposing abuse, sexual violence, proceeds are going to abuse charities. Our book has already gone global, 2 publishers want the book. We cam out with our book weeks before Erica James new trash and abuse book. Our book covers are incredible, shit all over Fifty Shades of Grey.
      here is the link for the book and the new article on Erica James.

      Erica James has already come out slandering our book, giving us great publicity, and she doesn’t even realize it.


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