Every women wants a little Christian Grey in them “Apprently” Only the sexually deprived ones.

Also confirmed the mindless women who who drank up this dribble like it was their last drop of water on a secluded island are the same women who see Beyonce and Madonna turning the simplest pop song with no words into a leather-clad psychosexual performance,………. deprived of sexual pleasures in their life they had nothing left to cling onto as the ship began to sink. 

(hang on, no wait that’s Gilligan’s Island, or was it The Poseidon adventure, sorry wrong mindless dribble Movie, although at least there was a little more drama and better story line than Fifty Shades of abuse.) 

Sorry where was i ???………. Yes mindless dribble.

“So again it was those women who bought all the movie tickets to prop up this crap. The ones who want a lot of Christian grey in them.”……. “The women that got that tingling feeling in their nether-region from watching a young innocent vulnerable  women get abused, controlled, degraded, sexually abused, stalked, lied to, who found this abuse a turn on, just like E L James did”.

The same women who bought the bullshit of the BDSM contract as being so sexy and erotic, when it is in fact a Master and Slave contract, a Sex Slave contract. (but how can this be so wrong E L James researched it, just like all the other bullshit in her books she said she researched, and women and young girls are taking this for gospel that its correct because E L James has pushed down the public’s throat as being so.) Don’t forget though the books are based on her life experiences, she said so in a live interview 2015. So this is the sexual life experiences of E L James….”please i am going to gag”.

E L James wanted the jellyfish sexual position in the movie, yet not once does she mention the jellyfish sexual position in her books.

Come on Erica, you have been playing with the Kamasutra book now haven’t you. Trying to learn about sex, orgasms and pleasure. Well you could have done your homework before you wrote your dam books.

I don’t think you really have a clue about sex, pleasure, eroticism, orgasms, your books clearly shows that. And you certainly know nothing about BDSM or contracts. 

The Kamasutra     ” The Jellyfish “

Knelt down in a comfortable surface (but not very soft as the bed), the man submits to the will of the woman in this position: she will descend towards his sex and will make penetrate slowly when she wishes it. Before they will be able to kiss, to rub her chests, to embrace each other, to caress the back of other one and to support softly the glans penis in the vagina and to rub it with the clitoris: hereby, the penetration will come with an infinite pleasure. During the coitus, if he cannot submit stoically to the movements of her, he can mark the pace taking it as the waist and attracting her body towards him. The clash of the faces offers the exciting opportunity to speak itself and to kiss itself in the mouth until the wished orgasm comes.

I think Erica just wanted to see Jamie Dornan naked like this, in the jellyfish sexual position, or maybe it was Dakota Johnson she wanted to see naked like this??  She said in her live interview things got very hot and steamy on the set of the movie. “Come on Erica seeing two inches of Jamie Durnan’s groin and pubic hair and maybe a bulge in his pants from time to time is enough to get you hot and steamy, then you are clearly deprived of sex…or it takes very little to turn you on.”

In the books E L James has it  almost every time Anastasia has an orgasm she passes out. Come on Erica you have been on those sexual torture websites again haven’t you. Or would you have us believe Christian Grey is that much of a sexual God he can make Anna a sexual virgin pass out from her orgasms. (laughing sarcastically here) 

You have been watching the wrong type of porn Erica. 

Now the Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise has well an truly caught those sexually frustrated women into their net with all of this crap as well as their marketing getting them to buy their over priced sex toys that Have Fifty Shades of Grey written on them…..which will never get seen when its doing its job of pleasure…..or maybe those women need a how to manual, they just bought the toys to look at, to fantasize about as well??…..who knows. One thing i do know is i will not be buying into their marketing crap.

E L James did not invent sex toys, they have been around for thousands of years. But as one person who commented on our website said she is strutting around as if she invented sex toys and sex….”fucking please, Erica wouldn’t know erotic sex or a real orgasm if it bit her on the ass.” 50-shades-of-abuse.blogspot.com.au is our website.

Now the marketing team has a new target the young innocent girls 15 years old pushing t-shirts with sexual slogans…..yes they have their people on social media pushing the shit out of these t-shirts, pre-ordering the blueray movie Fifty Shades of Grey…..and if you live in Australia and order now you can have your name put on the video…..how special are they. “Please, i am going to vomit.” 

T-shirts with this slogan….. My ideal weight is Christian Grey on top of me

The Fifty Shades of Grey people are on twitter and social media sharing clips….the sex scenes not edited from the R rated movie with minors encouraging them to share with other kids. I counted twenty videos, R rated full sex scenes sharing them with kids, as well as nude pictures of Jamie Durnan and Dakota Johnson with sexual slogans written across the pictures of them. Someone who access to the Universal studio movie has been making these movies. A report has been made to the FBI, movies and accounts copied. This people is a Federal crime. 

Yes women do want erotic, sexual movies other than porn, no one is making this for women. But we want romance like the old movies also, we don’t want bloody abuse like that in Fifty Shades of Grey. 

There are so many books that could be made into erotic movies, i have my own books coming out this year, erotic fiction, romance and my fans that have been reading the book chapters from my websites are already asking for the movie, because there is nothing like my books story line in the market, and hasn’t been ever. 

Fans are already falling in love with my book characters, men and women. My books are very erotic, powerful, dangerous, but also have a real story line. immortal–goddess  this is one of my websites you can check out my books there as well as the art work and covers. (unlike E L James i do know all about sex, erotic sex and orgasms. You can find out about my book series and me in the about us section of my website.)

Take the bad sex out of Fifty Shades of Grey books and there is no story except abuse and more abuse. 


Fifty Shades of Grey xxx is Porn for women

“Fifty Shades of Grey is Porn for women and couples” but not E L James’s adaptation. All E L James version leaves you with is a ripped off feeling…. oh yes i want my god dam money back please for my ticket i had to per-purchased to see your dribble of a movie.

The Fifty Shades of Grey XXX and Ryan Driller will leave you ladies feeling all tingly inside and you wont need that second glass of wine. No sinking ships in this movie plenty of masks flying high though. 😛 😉

The Fifty Shades of Grey XXX version. No abuse what so ever in the xxx movie i have seen it. Very entertaining and very XXX. For those ladies who want a little Christian Grey in them they would get more turned on with this version and Ryan Driller who plays Christian Grey in the XXX movie than E L James’s boring dribble.

Ryan has a killer body and gives you the full display of his skills in the bedroom and the playroom in this version. Sorry no nudity in these videos you will have to go and download it from the internet to see any full nudity and sex.  🙂

In 2012 Shades Limited who own the rights to Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy sued Smash pictures who made the XXX version. I have posted the article below. I thought E L James had quite the nerve since 75% of her books are stolen from other peoples work, namely the biggest one, the movie Secretary with James Spader. His name Edward Grey into sadomasochism and BDSM a very rich lawyer and his secretary a mousy women just like Anastasia, get the movie and watch it and you will be sitting with your mouth open to how much Fifty Shades is ripped from the movie Secretary…..and James has the nerve to sue a Porn Production company…please that is laughable. (click on the article to bring to full view, it will make you laugh when you see what they are claiming in the law suite.

fifty shades law suit

Fifty Shades of Grey labeled as soft porn for women

Fifty Shades of Grey is abuse, no in-between. (abuse is abuse there is no and or but or in-between) The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women.

One has to ask why are so many women finding the abuse subjected by the Character Christen Grey such a turn on. His behavior in our society is what is called being a Psychopath. Stalking, control, manipulation, sexual abuse, psychological abuse…. Where the hell is the sexy and romantic connotation in the character saying “i don’t do romance, i fuck and i fuck hard.”

Are there so many desperate women out there wanting something else in their lives they have lowered themselves to finding abuse of a young innocent woman sexy romantic?? Trust me as a victim of this sort abusive relationship in the past, it is not romantic, sexy or fun….

The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women because of Dakota Johnson the only one showing lots of skin. Sorry but i have seen girl porn and FSOG is not girl porn or any sort of porn for that matter. It didn’t leave me tingling, turned on in any form, just disgusted and mad. I can go and have a glass of wine and get more tingles from that then watching Fifty Shades of abuse. The movie has already been posted on porn sites. E L James must be so proud of herself now making porn.

I am studying Psychology and other Psychologists and i have discussed the books in great length, the abuse, stalking and control, giving young women and yes older naive women a false sense of what a real relationship is about. There are millions of women who have been where i have been in this type of relationship, the scars they are there for life. Christian Grey may be a fictitious character in E L James book but his persona, his whole nature is real, and so is his name, there are men in this world called Christian grey.

E L James is quoted as saying the book is based on her life experiences. (youtube video 2015 interview). So she is saying she was in an abusive BDSM sadomasochism relationship with a man who used to tie her up, beat the shit out her and fuck her seven shades of Sunday????….. “Please” She makes a mockery out of real victims that have been in this type of abusive relationship, trapped, alone, isolated not being able to escape. Some women actually die before they can escape. One in eight women will be sexually abuse by the time they are 25 years old. That is pretty staggering statistics.

This movie is very toxic and harmful to so many young and vulnerable young women, i read the comments women and young girls as young as 16 years of age are writing about the books. I was on twitter tonight, Fifty Shades of Grey, i was reading their rants, trying to justify this movie and the abuse in it. All FSOG are interested in is the money it is making for the studios and E L James.

Please film studios go an make some decent movies for women that don’t involve abuse. You can still make romance, erotic scenes without adding abuse that is portrayed in the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie. We already see it on the screen in our own homes in the tv series Outlander so beautifully done, then we have Will Smith and Margo Robbie lighting up the silver screen at the moment hailed as the hottest couple to hit the screens in over 20 years with romance and love.

Fifty Shades of Grey should have never been made into a movie, the film studios are promoting abuse along with E L James. All they could see was the dollar signs, now it would seem they are having second thoughts about any more movies because of the outcry over the abuse in the movie.

Movie studios actually tamed the movie down, they had to fight E L James to do so. She wanted the full raunchy and abuse that is in the books.


I am a mother, two daughters and a survivor of abuse for 18 years and study Psychology and i have studied law. I am a writer and i also write erotic fiction.

I think i am more than qualified to comment on the abuse in the book and the negative impact on the young women who have read this garbage and are taking it for gospel that this is a normal relationship, how romantic “bla, bla”….”I want to be fucked like that”….”i want Christian Grey’s baby” these are the comments i am seeing from 16-17 year old girls who think this is an acceptable relationship. One girl said she was going to kill herself if they didn’t make another movie.

This is my latest article shared with tens of millions of people and Forbes Magazine. My other articles have been published by Forbes, Rolling Stone, Guardian.

❤️ ❤️❤️ Jamie Duran is quoted as saying, “he never read the books”. He signed on to do a movie about sadomasochism, false love, false romance and a young woman getting abused and the shit beaten out of her, and fucked seven shades of Sunday and he didn’t read the book or understand the full impact of the character he was playing????… “Come on”❤️

❤️He is quoted as saying…… his wife reads all of his scripts, she green lights what he should do.

❤️So his wife Amelia read the script but not the book???….. knew what the movie entailed???…. green lighted him to do the movie???…. was fully aware it involved nudity, sex scenes, sadomasochism, having to beat the shit of a women with a whip in a sex room????…. yet after he made the movie she was not OK with it???…. doesn’t want to see it???…. still hasn’t seen it???….. yet she green lighted the movie in the first place…. ❤️”Please” nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Now that it has received a hammering of bad press, bad reviews she is saying she is not OK with it “bla bla bla”. Maybe the pair of them should have really thought about this movie before signing.

❤️”Class” = not auditioning for this in the first place.

❤️”Sense” = not signing the contract when offered the part last minute when the first guy ran after seeing sense.

❤️”Love” = not dragging your then pregnant wife half way around the world to look after a new baby as you protect your modesty with a grape baggie in a Red Room.

❤️”Respect”= As for the actor not wanting to upset his wife by doing these graphic sex scenes in sadomasochism – well if he thought anything of her, he wouldn’t have done the movie in the first place.

❤️”Good” is not dragging her to Red Carpets 12 months on as you prepare to use her as an excuse when the bad reviews hit home.

❤️”Better roles” = not likely but, if, will have to await fulfilling his contractual obligations OR a long recovery time from breaking contract as unprofessional.

❤️”Bravo” = very slow hand clap, that is if the audience haven’t left the cinema already, as so many did.

❤️”so it should”=worst reviews in history and receiving unprecedented negative publicity because of it highlighting abuse and the negative impact on so many young innocent and naive young women.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, and they were the good reviews trust me, thy kept getting worse and worse as the days went by. Also confirmed the mindless women who who drank up this dribble like it was their drop of water on a secluded island are the same women who see Beyonce and Madonna turning the simplest pop song with no words into a leather-clad psychosexual performance, deprived of sexual pleasures in their life they had nothing left to cling onto as the ship began to sink. (hang on, no wait that’s Gilligan’s Island, or was it The Poseidon adventure, sorry wrong mindless dribble Movie, although at least there was a little more drama than Fifty Shades of boring.) Sorry where was i ???………. Yes mindless dribble. “So again it was those women who bought all the movie tickets to prop up this crap. The ones who want a lot of Christian grey in them.” 🙂

If you would like to read an chapters from my novels coming out you can click here to access my other websites Immortal–Goddess

The book series, four books, erotic romance, love, immortality, no abuse or copied from any other books, or movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, not the same story line at all….You can read what the story line is about on my websites. I already have a huge following of over a 150,000 people and millions more have read from my books. Fans are already asking me for the movie, i have men and women reading my book series and they love it.

Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual abuse

A new study, conducted by Amy Bonomi of Michigan State University and two additional researchers from Ohio State, has found that E.L James’  Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual abuse. The study concentrated on guidelines for what constitutes partner abuse, citing stalking, isolation, humiliation, and a lack of boundaries as elements of Fifty Shades of Grey.

E.L James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, has said, “People who think that are sort of demonizing women who actually enjoy these kinds of relationships. What people get up to behind closed doors, providing it is safe, sane, consensual and legal, is completely up to them and it’s not for you, I or anybody to judge.”

E.L James’ defense of her novel believes  that it is the kinky sex in her book that people are reacting to negatively, yet the study gives no indication of such. The study is taking issue with incidences of humiliation, isolation, and stalking shown in the book, none of which are present in the more risqué sex scenes between Ana and Christian. It’s not the BDSM relationship that is at fault — it is the haunting emotional trauma that plagues Ana as she weeps, frets, and obsesses her way through their entire relationship. (it is not the kinky sex in the books we are objecting to, hell i have done kink, erotic and still do, i would know more about that then E L James ever could. She is quoted in a live interview, which is on youtube for anyone to see; the books are based on her life experiences. “fucking please” She is making a mockery of abuse victims who have actually been abused in this type of relationship, most of us unwilling also, trapped thinking we had to do this.) E L James would have us believe then that she was tied up, beaten with whips, a leather belt, fucked seven shades of Sunday, abused, controlled, manipulated, told what to do, who she could see, stalked, isolated from her family, threatened…..and this is just all part of any normal loving relationship.) YEH….. right E L James

E L James would have everyone believe she did extensive research into her book into BDSM and even enclosed a contract which she states is a BDSM contract when in fact it is not. Experts in the field of BDSM have told our websites and their comments are in a post detailing this for everyone to read the contract is in fact a Master and Slave contract, giving the submissive little rights. The slave and master contract extends outside of the bedroom like the one Christian wants Anna to enter into with him…..he wants to control every aspect of her life.

What has got millions of women coming out, speaking up about is the negative impact of these books, it is not the sex, it is the way Christian Grey treats women, abuses them and most of all Anastasia. How these books glamorize abuse dressing it up as false romance and love. He constantly abuses her, lies to her, manipulates her, isolates her. Still doing this in book three.

He makes her sign a non disclosure agreement so she cant discuss her relationship in any form with anyone. He is taking advantage of her innocence, of course she is going to have questions, want to talk to someone, he prevents her from doing this, he makes it so he is the only one Anna can ask. When she does ask him about things he lies to her, manipulates her, he even lies to her about the sex slave contract, at one point Anna thinks it is legally binding and Christian does nothing to dispel her from those beliefs.

His isolates her from her friends, her family, doesn’t want Anna to go to Savannah to see her own mother, then she is gone one day and he stalks her, fly’s 3,000 miles to stalk her. He doesn’t do it out of love, he does it because he wants to control her, she is the only one who hasn’t just done what he wants at the drop at a finger.  He gets into her apartment sells her car without telling her, has all of her banking details. Tracks her phone, says he would find her where she was, so she would not be able to hide from him. And this is all in book one, it gets worse as the books progress.

Another attribute of a Psychopath…….. Manipulation, Control, Liars, A pathological desire to win at all cost, having to hurt people, either physically or emotionally, thrill seeks.  I was married to Psychopath, i know all the attributes all so well. 

 For millions of women this is reality, this is the abuse they are either living now or have escaped from in the past. I am one of those women. I was married for 18 years i was Anastasia i was married to a Christian Grey, so i know all about this type of abuse relationship, hell i could write a dam book on it.
 I was exactly like Anna, i left and i was drawn back in by the charms, then forced to stay by threats, i left more than once, then finally i found the strength and courage to leave for good. I did it for my children as much as for myself. But is was not easy it was incredibly hard, the hardest thing i have ever had to do. I was isolated my family thousands of miles away. The abuse didn’t stop there, when i left i was abused again, in fact i was four months pregnant when i left the final time, my husband at the time beat me up, fractured my cheek bone, cuts and bruises and i suffered a miscarriage. Because he has money and power as well as connections, he got away with  beating the crap out of me and killing our unborn child, abusing our own children. Broke VRO’s 57 times, videoed, recorded, witnessed……but when you are powerful, have money and Judges in your pocket and cops, you are above the law and can do what ever the fuck you want, even murder.

My husband being a CEO traveled overseas a lot. I learned a lot after i left, he was visiting sex dungeons in Europe and China having sex with underage girls and even men, boys. That was devastating for me to find out. He also left evidence of his perverse lifestyle, his other life outside of our own on our computer. Full computer evidence he was involved and has a membership with a pedophile club, they would bid on children to be raped….the highest bidder wins to watch sick fucked up men do this to innocent children. I still have all of his computer records, the evidence he was part of this then, and still would be. (stored away safely in a safe) He had corrupt cops break into my home which was all videoed on security cameras to try and steal this damning evidence on him. Those cops and my then husband got away with everything because of corruption.  (pedophiles never stop abusing children, they cant it is a sickness, a perverted disease in them that never goes away, it is there for life.)

I see the comments young girls of 16 years of age, what they are saying about Fifty Shades of Grey, the books and movie. Yes 16 year olds have been getting into the movies to see a R rated movie about abuse. They say Christian treats Anna like this beats the crap out of her because he loves her, he is showing he loves her. “Are you fucking serious.” These girls have been caught up in this net of deception to what a real loving relationship entails. They think what E L James has written is gospel because of marketing pushing it down their throats as being so loving, so romantic, hearts and flowers. (give me the vomit bag now please) I have daughters thank god they are not buying this shit but many other young girls and women are.

A lady read a post i did on Fifty Shades of Grey on twitter, within seconds of me posting the tweet she was on my page (very sus to start with since i don’t follow her and she me, but FSOG people do follow me.) I am going to post what she had to say, this is a grown woman, suspect one of the Fifty Shades of Grey people or movie studio saying this now  after visiting her home page on twitter. This was the tweet the women responded to with in seconds of me posting it. The comment is one i copied and posted from the article the Daily Mail did on Jamie Dornan and Fifty Shades of Grey.


The woman said—— “no we cant replace Jamie he was made to play the role, he was incredible” bla bla bla. “The movie was identical to the book, exactly as it was in the book”. (“Are you serious were we watching the same movie?”)

I have seen the movie eight times now, obsessed with it, best movie ever made. (“again are you serious were we on the same planet even watching the same thing?“) “breaking out in sarcastic laughter”.

“I know the books weren’t the best books ever written, the way there were written. (“What???, lady are you looking at what you are writing are you listening to yourself?)

She says—– “no abuse in the movies, just romance and love, it pisses me off when i see people write that”. (“What, so its normal for a man to treat a women like this, are you fucking serious lady?) 

 Then she asks me—– “What can they do to improve the movies, the script etc?” (this is when i thought yeh right this is FSOG people responding to this tweet.) 

My response—-“don’t make another movie for one, the books were full of abuse and the movie promotes that abuse.” 

Me——“Get rid of E L James, keep her away from the set and from writing any more garbage. The worst books i have ever read. They got shocking reviews so did the movie, still getting bad press. I can hear the law suites now.”

Yes i agree she shouldn’t have been on set, she ruined the movie, she is writing the script for the next movie right now.” ( by now i know this is either someone from FSOG official or movie studios)

“What did you think of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?” 

My response—-Wrong person, did not have the presences to pull of the character of a CEO for one or that of the characters persona in the book of Christian Grey, his walk he walks like a duck. He cant do love scenes, he cant kiss, his Irish accent kept coming through into his American accent. Not convinced by him at all, he needs to lift his game.

Their response—–“yes his acting wasn’t the best nor were his love scenes but to be fair his wife had just had a baby, he wasn’t feeling romantic.” 

My response—“Well he had 7 months to get romantic, they left all of the love scenes until the end…he is an actor he is getting paid to act he needs to get over it.” 

My response—– “well the studio bought the rights to the books, no other sequels have been announced, E L James has spat the dummy because she cant get her own way, nor should she. So the studio could shelf any other movies indefinitely, which they should. 

Their response—–“but that would be letting the fans down then”

My response—-“The fans will get over it, movie studios will just make another project to outshine the failing and bad press of Fifty Shades of Grey, they could put down FSOG as a lesson learned, hell even if it made no money they would just right it off as a loss on their tax. No skin of their nose. At the moment the studio is copping it bad with bad press about the abuse, it effects their studio and its image. It also reflects bad on the actors and their careers.” 

Me—-“lets face it FSOG is never going to win an Oscar or a best movie award….. a razzy yes.” 

 There was a lot more said in the conversations which went on for a very long time, in the end i said look i have to go. Next day they were back on my page sprouting more shit. i blocked the twitter page in the end, got so sick of it.

Fifty Shades official page on twitter and website latersbaby. did follow me on twitter before i blocked their page, they asked me this in a tweet which also had the name of Dana Brunetti-film producer fifty shades of grey in the tweet. This was around the time of the Oscars i saved their conversations, because i was so appalled at what they had to say.

They asked @latersbaby @danabrunetti—-“What would you rather a movie that make a bucket load of money or an Oscar.

My reply@goddess300—“An Oscar, dignity and respect, money cant buy you dignity and respect.

They replied—-The Oscars are over rated.

I have since blocked the page of @latersbaby, they were making videos from the uncut Fifty Shades of Grey R rated movie, full sex scenes and sharing them with minors on social media. (A federal Offense) They were also sharing screen shot pictures of the sex scenes from the R rated movie with slogans written across them sharing them once again with minors and encouraging them to share with others. I have reported this to Twitter and to the FBI. Screen shots were made of the tweets as well as the R rated media copied for Federal Authorities. Latersbaby is part of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. Someone in the franchise has access to the uncut movie straight from Universal studios and is making videos for social media to share with minors, trying to suck that new target age group into their media frenzy. E L James has been notified on social media to this offense.

So in other words for the Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise it is all about money and nothing else, not the fans, not abuse victims, the movie’s shocking ratings, bad review after bad review, it is all about how much money they can suck out of the target audience of their movie highlighting abuse…. their new target audience the 16 year olds. There were people commenting on the article in the link above with the Daily Mail. They said the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise sucked a lot of people in, having them pre buy their movie tickets, promoting the hell out of the movie like no other movie in history has been promoted. Then we saw it, what a rip off, sucked everyone in with their promotions, with the worst movie ever made—i want my money back.

The movie studios tamed down the movie from the books….hell even they recognized the abuse in the books. They also recognized what an asshole Christian Grey was and gave him a sweet persona in the movie than the books…..once again trying to suck that target audience into this false love romance shit which is really abuse wrapped up in this garden of bullshit.

 Christian Grey is an abusive stalker Psychopath  packaged as a romantic hero.

There are so many who do not want to enter into discussions about sexual abuse or any sort of abuse, many say those who have experienced it should just get over it, and stop fucking winging about it.  It is reality, then Fifty Shades of Grey has already done immeasurable damage, especially when you have 16 year old girls falling for the false love and romance in these books and thinking the abusive behavior is all part of a normal relationship.

There are 16 year old girls on twitter and social media drinking in the marketing by the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise people. This is their new target audience on social media, getting these kids to pre-order the R rated movie, posting R rated movie clips of the sex scenes, naked sex scene pictures with slogans on social media trying to lure these minors into their advertising. (this is a Federal offense what they are doing, soliciting of a minor, sharing R rated material with a minor) Girls 16 years old saying “i wont to be fucked like that, i want to lose my virginity like that, i want Christian Grey’s baby”

I was talking to a young girl yesterday, she is still in school; they were discussing the Fifty Shades of Grey books and the contents. The girl was saying that most of her class thought the way Christian treats Anna was for her own good, nothing wrong with it, so romantic….dribble….dribble. This young girl actually has some brains and common sense, she is against the books and movie and can see very clearly the abuse in them and the negative impact it is having on so many young women-girls. These young girls are caught up in this fantasy that is completely normal for a guy to treat you this way and to abuse you in a sex room for another.

Fifty Shades of Grey  has medical experts and psychologists having a huge problem with the books and movie as does the BDSM community and victims of abuse. So they should have.

 It should be clear to any and all readers that sexual abuse can stretch far beyond the bedroom, and clearly does if the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey is any sort of indicator.
 E L James has not taken any responsibility for what she has written, when abuse victims have contacted her she sends them to abuse hotlines.

Fifty Shades of Christian Grey is grooming women and young girls to be abused

The Sporkings of Das Mervin and Company – Fifty Shades Freed–Chapter Eleven (Part II) [SPORKERS: GEHAYI, KET MAKURA and MERVIN]  http://das-sporking.livejournal.com/1071857.html

 Fifty Shades: Chapter 4. In which Itsrane is convinced that James does not live in reality https://topendofaverage.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/fifty-shades-chapter-4-in-which-itsrane-is-convinced-that-james-does-not-live-in-reality/

Better than the books Fifty Shades of  Crap Abuse Bullshit  Grey it will have you in stitches of laughter which is far better than the clasps of hell-spawn Christian Grey.

Women, young innocent girls are being groomed to be abused by the books Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Something i have seen for myself… how many not only stupid, but also gullible women there are in the world who have bought the bullshit of Fifty Shades of Grey as being so Romantic, so beautiful, Christian only treats Anna this way and hits her because he loves her so much. “Ladies are you seriously listening to yourselves??”

“NO, Obviously Not” 

“So you see Christians behavior, controlling, abusive, manipulative, compulsive liar, bad tempered, isolating Anna, demeaning her, threatening her, putting her life in danger—book1….book2….book3….sexually–abusive, threatening…….as completely normal behavior, because that is what every man does to a woman he loves. “Please, for Fuck sake”

“Are you sure Anna you don’t want to include Annal fisting in the soft limits of our “Sex Slave Contract”, i promise you will like it” (how the fuck would you know Christian, bend over and i will put my fist where the sun don’t shine on you)

“Vaginal fisting Anna, are you sure you wont try it?”  because every woman loves to be vaginal fisted when we have sex, especially if you are a virgin with no sexual experience at all.  

“If you cum Anna i will punish you”….”OH Anna you cum now i am going to punish you for that.” not fucking BDSM, that does not happen in BDSM. In the sick world of E L James it does.

E L James was obviously visiting the sleazy sex dungeons where they have a women hog tied down and an audience of sleaze balls, watching as this women is sexually tortured and told not to cum over and over, because if she does cum before she is allowed to she is punished, while the audience participates in her sexual torture also, then sit in the audience and masturbate. ( I wonder how much they pay to go and be part of this degrading shit)

The research into sex in her book Fifty Shades of Grey was that ill researched it is laughable. And she has all the dum women fooled that this is how it is because she researched it….and don’t forget the real story here…… it was based on her own life experiences. “Please”

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